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UBIS offers a fulsome career center through the ULMS. Explore careers, assess your skills, build resumes, and access career- readiness support, such as in-demand solid skills training in our dedicated career center. Tools that help students manage their lives as students, including a University Success Center, 5- minute quick lessons, study tools and more are also available.

Further, UBIS is working in cooperation with Job Teaser to give students career tips and advice, in Europe and the United States, apprenticeships and job offers in Europe. UBIS also offers Career Workshops for CV and motivation letter writing, as well as advice for job search and interview. All these services are available on demand as one-to-one meetings scheduled ahead of time. In 2020 we have been running a campaign for short Career Coaching sessions where students send in their CV’s or other documents and specific questions ahead of the session. These have received good feedback from the participants.