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Colloquiums – Guest Speaker Form

The UBIS Research Institute’s Colloquiums represent our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality education, with an emphasis on addressing the intersection of business, international relations and the cross-cultural issues that stem from globalization. These virtual events feature industry leaders, thinkers, innovators, educators, and professionals as keynote speakers. Topics are diverse but align with addressing global business challenges. Exploring new ideas and technologies, evoking critical thinking, and creating the necessary dialog required to find solutions to those challenges.

Participants can expect our colloquiums to rely on the Socratic method. These events represent a collegial, welcoming and challenging arena for sharing thoughts and ideologies. It is a space for open exchange of ideas, for inquisitive minds to network, interact and challenge the research presented by the presenters or contribute constructively to the topics discussed. Subjects have ranged from Net 3.0, to Business Sustainability, to Net Carbon Zero, Internet Privacy Laws, to Gender Roles in Workplace and many more.

Attendees leave each session with valuable knowledge that provides professional and/or personal enrichment.

If you have been invited to be a keynote speaker or would like to apply to be a keynote speaker, please complete the form below.

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