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How are Boardrooms Becoming More Diverse?

& How Can Universities Help Do Their Part? Boardrooms are becoming more diverse, and universities can play a role in this.  Over the past year, public companies have added the most diverse group of new directors ever, according to two new studies. Ethnic and racial minorities accounted for 47% of new directors compared to 22% the previous year, according to

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Successful people do not waste time: 5 habits you need to ignore

Successful people do not waste time.  Success can also mean something different for everyone. But no matter what your version of success is, some time-wasting habits hold you back from any type of success in life.  You are more likely to achieve worthwhile goals if you have good habits. Illustrating this, many studies suggest that we’re not motivated by goals alone. In

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Your Professional Growth Plan

UBIS – Tips & Tricks to help on your Professional Journey Professional Growth Plan – to stay competitive in today’s job market you need to focus on your professional journey.  It is important to always be seeking ways to develop professionally.  Those who invest in personal and professional development often benefit from new advancement opportunities.  This includes higher salaries and

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