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Learning Culture Through Cuisine – International Food Day

Introduction: 🌐✨ Greetings, UBIS Geneva Explorers! ✨🌐

Embarking on a delicious journey that transcends borders, our campus recently transformed into a culinary crossroads during the much-anticipated International Food Day. Thanks to the brilliant coordination by Phuong and Danus, we not only savored delightful dishes but also embraced the theme of “Learning by sharing culture through cuisine.” Join us in reliving the highlights of this enriching event that took place on December 6, 2023.

Organizing Wisdom: A round of applause is due to Phuong and Danus for orchestrating an event that seamlessly combined flavors with cultural exchange. Their meticulous planning ensured that we could immerse ourselves in the diverse world of global cuisine without a hitch, creating an atmosphere where learning and sharing were at the forefront.

Global Feast and Cultural Connection: The heart of the day lay in the diverse array of dishes that graced our tables, each telling a unique story of its cultural origins. From the aromatic spices of Vietnam to the soulful rhythms of Ghana, we learned that culture is best shared through the universal language of food. The event fostered meaningful connections, breaking down barriers through the joy of sharing and tasting diverse flavors.

Visual Journey – The Video: To capture the essence of our culinary crossroads, we’ve put together a video highlighting the vibrant colors, enticing aromas, and genuine smiles that lit up the event. Immerse yourself in this visual journey that showcases the powerful connection between learning, culture, and cuisine.

Conclusion: UBIS Geneva’s International Food Day was not just a gastronomic celebration but a testament to the power of learning by sharing culture through cuisine. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed, shared, and made this day an educational and delicious success. Let the flavors of the world continue to be our guides on the path of cultural discovery. 🌏🍲📚 #UBISFoodDay #CulinaryCrossroads #CultureThroughCuisine #UBISGenevaCulture

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