UNVEILING THE JOURNEY OF A UBIS DBA STUDENT: Mashilo David Mogale - Driving Sustainable Growth Through Leadership and Research - UBIS University of Business Innovation and Sustainability

UNVEILING THE JOURNEY OF A UBIS DBA STUDENT: Mashilo David Mogale – Driving Sustainable Growth Through Leadership and Research

Introduction: In the dynamic landscape of business and sustainability, students at the University of Business Innovation and Sustainability (UBIS) are shaping the future through their innovative research and academic pursuits. One such student, Mashilo David Mogale, hailing from Polokwane, South Africa, is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at UBIS. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to fostering sustainable development, Mogale’s research aims to shed light on the critical relationship between leadership styles and the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa. Let’s delve into the life and aspirations of this accomplished individual.

A Brief Biography: Born and raised in South Africa, Mashilo David Mogale has an illustrious professional journey marked by his dedication to empowering businesses. Initially employed by multinational corporations, Mogale transitioned to the family business, where he currently serves as CEO. Prior to this role, he held the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer at the Provincial Development Corporation, overseeing the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With a background in accounting and a Master’s degree from Salford University, Mogale brings a wealth of expertise to his research and leadership endeavors.

Dissertation Topic: Mogale’s DBA program revolves around a thought-provoking research topic: “Assessing the Relationship Between Leadership Styles and Performance of SMEs in South Africa.” This study aims to address the high failure rate of SMEs, which make up a significant portion of South Africa’s GDP, accounting for approximately 97%. By exploring the intricate link between leadership styles and SME performance, Mogale hopes to provide valuable insights that can shape policies and strategies to enhance the longevity and success of these businesses. His research has the potential to make a significant impact on the South African business landscape and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Impact on the World and Community: Mogale’s research holds the promise of driving positive change in the world of SMEs and their surrounding communities. By identifying the key factors influencing the success of these businesses, his work can inform policymakers, government agencies, and business leaders about the importance of adopting effective leadership styles. By enhancing the support and resources available to SMEs, the research could pave the way for a higher survival rate and increased prosperity for these vital contributors to the South African economy. Mogale’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is a testament to his desire to create a lasting impact on the world and uplift his community.

Advice for Aspiring DBA Students: Drawing from his experience as a DBA student, Mashilo David Mogale offers valuable advice to those considering embarking on this premium academic journey. He emphasizes that the DBA program at UBIS has transformed his approach to business and social challenges, leading to a profound improvement in his overall life strategy. The program has equipped him with superior communication skills, enabling him to navigate complex situations with confidence and clarity. Mogale encourages aspiring DBA students to embrace the opportunities for personal and professional growth offered by the program, as it can truly revolutionize their perspectives and empower them to become leaders of change.

Conclusion: Mashilo David Mogale’s dedication to the study of leadership and performance within SMEs reflects his passion for driving sustainable growth and making a lasting impact on the South African business landscape. As a student of the DBA program at UBIS, he has embraced the opportunity to contribute valuable research that could shape policies and strategies to enhance the longevity and success of SMEs. Through his perseverance and commitment, Mogale exemplifies the spirit of UBIS and serves as an inspiration to fellow students and aspiring researchers worldwide. To learn more about Mogale’s work and connect with him, visit his LinkedIn profile: https://linkedin.com/profile/david-mogale


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