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Interview with Camille Cadua, Outgoing President of the UBIS Student Council

This November, the UBIS Student Council elected new members and said goodbye to those who were stepping down. We asked outgoing Student Council President, Camille Cadua about her time in the role and what advice she would give to the new members.

What was your role in the Student Council and what responsibilities did you have?

My role as a President was to represent the student body at scholastic events and other meetings that concerning our university. I supervised the activities and the selection of the student council. As President, I was also the mediator between the voice of the students on assignments, feedbacks, course suggestions etc and our professors.

Why did you choose to join the UBIS Student Council?

Why indeed? I was asked to be the President of the Student Council when I was still in my first year and declined. We were just few students back then and I was busy with my work and studies. However, it changed when the UBIS students body gradually grew in numbers. Most of the students were very young and were new to international communities. I wanted to help them engage with both their studies and other social activities. Of course, I can do that even without a title! However, being the President made it easier for me to organise and facilitate those things for others.

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Why do you think the Student Council is important for university life and what impact do you think it has had for students?

I’d like to think that the Student Council is the role model of every student. For that reason, I chose candidates for the Student Council that I thought would be an asset for UBIS. University activities can be planned and organised and the student body can do them. However, it is better if they also have shared values and the right character to back that up. So, why is it important? The Student Council is the face of the university. The face that the students can look up to, depend on, talk to and be friends with.

Looking back on your service as President, what are you most proud of?

The students matured in thinking and learned to adjust to all the changes that happened in 2020. It is not my doing, but I am proud of them. COVID happened right after I accepted the role of being the President. It was February when I decided to take the job and in March, lockdown happened. We could not do a lot of things because everything had changed but we tried to adapt with our studies and our social lives. To be a part of it made me proud not because of my own actions, but because of the maturity we have all shown.

What advice would you give to the new members of the Student Council?

To the new Student Council members, study hard! Be approachable and be the source of encouragement to other students. In that way, new students won’t be intimidated to engage and participate in any activities you facilitate. Be that role model that the students can look up to and teach them to be the next role model. Work and help each other as a team and stay humble, always. I am proud of you! Kudos and God bless!

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