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UBIS Awarded Accreditation from IACBE

We are delighted to announce that UBIS has been awarded programmatic accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). This accreditation recognises schools whose business programmes have met the IACBE’s elevated standards and is a reflection of our commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to student learning.

IACBE: a collaborative approach to accreditation

Founded in 1997, the IACBE is dedicated to working in partnership with educational institutions around the world to ensure the continuing development and improvement of international business education. As an accreditation body, they work alongside their educational partners and measure excellence based on the outcomes and overall mission of the school, offering opportunities for professional development, leadership and sharing best practice between partners.

The IACBE mentors its partners throughout the accreditation process, working alongside them in their quality improvement journey. In their own words, the IACBE is ‘dedicated to helping our members become better at what they do and are committed to “Moving. Forward. Together.”’.

An accreditation that benefits students and staff

UBIS is privileged and proud to be recognised by the IACBE and we believe that this accreditation will bring further benefit to our students across our bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programmes. This accreditation highlights three key aspects of UBIS’ business education offer.

Evidence of Quality

The IACBE confirms the high quality of the business education programmes that we provide. Moreover, it underlines our commitment to excellence and maintaining this high quality of teaching, learning and professional development for our students and staff. This in turn benefits our graduates and their future employers, as well as the business partners that we work with.

Sharing Best Practice

At UBIS, we recognise the importance of creativity and innovation in our approach to teaching and learning. Sharing best practice with other schools and professional bodies is integral to this approach and the IACBE will support our work throughout the year to facilitate this. These opportunities for professional development of our faculty will allow us to continue to adapt and improve the standard of teaching and academic support we offer our students.

External Accountability

In the competitive business education sector, external accountability is becoming increasingly sought after. This accreditation confirms the quality of UBIS’ international business programmes, as recognised by one of the world’s leading outcomes-based professional accreditation agency.

Our commitment to Excellence, now and in the future

This accreditation acknowledges that we are focused on adapting to the ever-changing and increasingly complex nature of the international business environment. With that in mind, the IACBE works in close partnership to ensure that business schools are providing students with courses and units that will prepare them for the future. At UBIS, providing practical and transferable business experience is an important aspect of our teaching. Through this accreditation, we will continue to provide our students across our bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes with the learning and opportunities that will best serve them in the next stages of their business careers – and beyond.

Thank you to the IACBE for working in partnership with us and for awarding UBIS this accreditation.

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