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UBIS Barcelona Students Join Impact Entrepreneur’s Meetup at Impact HUB Barcelona

In May 2023, students from the UBIS Barcelona campus attended the exclusive Impact Entrepreneurs Meetup #15 at Impact HUB Barcelona. This event brought together individuals passionate about impact entrepreneurship for networking and knowledge sharing in growth, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

An Evening of Collaboration and Inspiration: The Impact Entrepreneurs Meetup #15 was a platform for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas. The event focused on creating a positive impact through innovative business ventures, offering insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and thought-provoking presentations.

UBIS Barcelona and Impact HUB Partnership: UBIS Barcelona collaborated with Impact HUB Barcelona to provide students with a real-world learning experience. The event showcased UBIS’s commitment to holistic education and exposed students to industry professionals and current trends in impact entrepreneurship.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing: The meetup facilitated networking opportunities, enabling attendees to build relationships and explore potential collaborations. Discussions covered growth strategies, marketing techniques, and various aspects of entrepreneurship. Experienced professionals shared their insights, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance.

Conclusion: The Impact Entrepreneurs Meetup #15 hosted by Impact HUB Barcelona offered UBIS Barcelona students a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in the impact entrepreneurship community. By attending this event, students gained exposure to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, forming connections and gaining insights that will contribute to their personal and professional growth. The partnership between UBIS and Impact HUB demonstrated the power of collaboration in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and supporting changemakers. Such events inspire innovation and empower individuals to make a positive impact on society through entrepreneurship.


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