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Dr. Stuart Kewley – Navigating the Path to Global Excellence in UBIS DBA

In the realm of academia and business, the guidance of a visionary is often the catalyst that propels individuals toward success. At the University of Business Innovation and Sustainability (UBIS), the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program benefits from the leadership and expertise of Dr. Stuart Kewley, an academic practitioner with a commitment to excellence.

A Trailblazing Academic Journey: Dr. Stuart Kewley’s academic journey commenced at the University of Cambridge, where he earned degrees that laid the foundation for his exceptional career. As an academic practitioner, he epitomizes the intersection of rigorous education and real-world application, creating a dynamic learning environment for UBIS DBA candidates.

Architect of Strategic Innovation: Dr. Kewley’s visionary leadership extends beyond academia. He founded and currently leads The Eurasia Consortium, an organization specializing in strategic innovation, market access strategies, and international business development. This entrepreneurial spirit infuses his role as Advisory Board Co-Director with a unique blend of academic insights and practical expertise.

Global Impact through Partnerships: In his dual role as Advisory Board Co-Director and strategic influencer, Dr. Kewley contributes to the growth and global reach of the UBIS DBA program. His expertise extends to fostering partnerships and driving strategic development, positioning candidates to become globally oriented business leaders.

Elevating Excellence: Dr. Stuart Kewley’s commitment to academic rigor and strategic innovation shines through his roles at UBIS. His leadership enriches the program’s curriculum and empowers DBA candidates to excel in a competitive business landscape.

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