Unveiling Excellence: Dr. Sean D. Jasso - Guiding Visionary of UBIS DBA - UBIS University of Business Innovation and Sustainability

Unveiling Excellence: Dr. Sean D. Jasso – Guiding Visionary of UBIS DBA

In the world of academia and business, leadership isn’t just a title; it’s a commitment to inspire and guide the next generation of professionals. As the Advisor Board Co-Director of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at the University of Business Innovation and Sustainability (UBIS) stands Dr. Sean D. Jasso, a distinguished leader with over two decades of expertise in management and political economy.

20 Years of Mastery: Dr. Sean Jasso’s journey in academia and industry spans an impressive 20 years. His expertise covers a diverse range, from leadership development and strategic management to corporate governance and international relations. This wealth of knowledge positions him as an invaluable mentor for DBA candidates seeking to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape.

A Bridge Between Theory and Practice: What sets Dr. Jasso apart is his ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. His real-world experience in hospitality management, healthcare marketing, and management consultancy brings a refreshing perspective to the academic environment. This unique blend of academic insights and industry-tested wisdom enriches the DBA program, fostering well-rounded professionals ready to make a meaningful impact.

Guiding the Next Generation: In his role as Advisor Board Co-Director, Dr. Jasso’s influence extends far beyond the classroom. His insights shape the program’s curriculum, ensuring its relevance and resonance in a rapidly changing world. His guidance empowers DBA candidates to become strategic leaders equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Dr. Sean D. Jasso’s dedication to academic excellence, coupled with his real-world insights, makes him a beacon of inspiration for those embarking on the DBA journey. His mentorship nurtures leaders who redefine industries, making a lasting impact on the global business landscape.

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