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UBIS Faculty Spotlight: Dr. James Booker

Name: Dr. James Booker
Country of Origin: USA

Brief Biography: Dr. James Booker’s journey into higher education was a transition from a successful career in local and state government, spanning over two decades. With a commitment to fostering education and leadership, he initially joined UBIS as the Graduate Dean of the University of the Potomac. However, his expertise and dedication led him to a teaching role within UBIS’s doctoral programs.

Academic Credentials: Dr. Booker is a prominent figure in the UBIS community, specializing in teaching subjects such as leadership, management, and research. He boasts an impressive academic background, holding three earned degrees: a Bachelor of Science from NC State, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Central Florida, and a Doctorate from Capella University. Dr. Booker currently resides in the picturesque beach town of New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Favorite Subjects and Expertise: Dr. Booker’s expertise truly shines in the subjects of Leadership and Management. These courses align seamlessly with his passion for teaching and his extensive experience in government. Additionally, he excels in teaching Research Methods, providing students with the tools necessary to navigate the realm of academia and research effectively.

Impact on the World and Community: As a faculty member at UBIS, Dr. Booker aspires to leave a lasting impact on his students and community. His mission is to remind individuals of the significance of their past while simultaneously encouraging them to envision a brighter future. By imparting his knowledge and wisdom, Dr. Booker aims to empower students to contribute positively to the world around them.

Advice for Prospective UBIS Students: For those considering a UBIS program, Dr. Booker’s advice is crystal clear: discover your passion and relentlessly pursue your goals. His own journey from government service to academia reflects the importance of perseverance and a genuine commitment to personal and professional growth.

Dr. James Booker’s presence within the UBIS faculty is a testament to his dedication to education, leadership, and fostering positive change. Through his teaching and guidance, he inspires students to embrace their potential and make meaningful contributions to society.

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