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UBIS Faculty Spotlight: Roberta Giannini

Origin: Hailing from the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brief Biography: With over 20 years of diverse experience spanning marketing, sales, and academia across the globe, I’m a Gen X professor seamlessly blending analog roots with digital savvy. My journey has taken me from crafting compelling ads to shaping strategies in the healthcare sector. My true passion lies in sculpting pathways to success. In the wake of COVID-19, the rapid pace of digital transformation has become a focal point of my research.

Academic Journey: Armed with two decades of expertise in marketing, sales, and education, I stand as a Gen X educator who has witnessed the metamorphosis of business from analog to digital landscapes. My mission revolves around illuminating the paths for individuals and companies to shine. Having lived and worked across the globe in Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, and beyond, I bring a unique intercultural perspective to my work. Presently, my research delves deep into the rapid digital shifts catalyzed by the pandemic.

Expertise and Passion: I thrive in diverse subjects, from Agile and AI for Business to B2B/B2C Strategies, Sustainability, Branding, Design Thinking, Digital Analytics, Inbound/Outbound Marketing, Interculturality, Mentoring, and Organizational Leadership, among others.

Impact Vision: My vision as a faculty member is to ignite innovation and global growth. Through realms such as Agile methodologies, AI applications, sustainability endeavors, and beyond, my aim is to imprint a positive mark on both business and society, propelling progress and fostering deeper understanding.

Advice to Aspiring UBIS Students: Embrace the opportunity with open arms! Leveraging my rich background encompassing marketing, sales, and academia, I guarantee that you’ll gain insights that hold global relevance. Dive into the experience, explore, and allow UBIS to carve a transformative path toward an exciting and impactful future.

Connect with Me: Feel free to explore more about my journey and perspectives on my Personal Profile.

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