UNVEILING THE JOURNEY OF A UBIS DBA STUDENT: Vincent Philbert - A Remarkable UBIS DBA Student from Dominica Island - UBIS University of Business Innovation and Sustainability

UNVEILING THE JOURNEY OF A UBIS DBA STUDENT: Vincent Philbert – A Remarkable UBIS DBA Student from Dominica Island

Introduction: We are thrilled to unveil the incredible journey of Vincent Philbert, one of our exceptional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) students at UBIS – University of Business Innovation and Sustainability! With unwavering commitment and a passion for academic excellence, Vincent has been making remarkable strides in the field of digitalization and internationalization. Let’s delve into his inspiring story and research pursuits!

Biography: Hailing from the enchanting Dominica Island in the Eastern Caribbean, Vincent Philbert’s thirst for knowledge led him to the United States Virgin Islands, where he currently resides. His diverse background in FDI promotion, destination marketing, Public Sector Project Management, and SME development, coupled with a first degree in Economics and an MBA, makes Vincent a true force to be reckoned with in the world of business.

Dissertation Topic: Vincent’s research centers around a profoundly relevant theme – “The relationship between digitalization of MSMEs in Caribbean Small Islands States, their performance, and their efforts to deepen internationalization framed within the International Entrepreneurship model.” Through his comprehensive thesis, Vincent aims to unravel the transformative power of digitalization for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Caribbean. By studying the impact of digital technologies on business performance and international expansion, Vincent’s work promises to shed light on critical opportunities for growth and development.

Impact on the World and Community: Vincent’s academic journey is guided by a noble purpose – to inform public policy and advocate for development support and private investments in digital transformation and firm digitalization. He believes that by promoting a digital-first approach, economies and businesses in the Caribbean can unlock their true potential and create lasting positive change. Vincent’s research aligns perfectly with UBIS’s vision of cultivating leaders who drive sustainable and inclusive growth.

Join us in Celebrating Vincent Philbert’s Achievements! We take immense pride in showcasing the exceptional accomplishments of our students, and Vincent Philbert is no exception. His relentless pursuit of academic excellence and dedication to shaping a brighter future through digital innovation inspire us all.

Congratulations, Vincent, for your outstanding contributions to the academic community and your commitment to driving positive change in the world.

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