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5 Reasons Why Online Learning is Great for Students

We know that starting a new course of study can be daunting at the best of times. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, deciding what’s next might feel more uncertain than ever. This is where online learning comes in.

The idea of in-person study as the pinnacle of academic experiences is no longer helpful or accurate. Online learning provides students with as many – if not more – invaluable educational opportunities. For students who want to be at the forefront of the academic and professional world, choosing an online programme of study is the smart option.

Here are five reasons why online learning could be the best choice for you.

You Can Study Anywhere in the World

Choosing a digital programme gives you access to a wider selection of course options, with degrees from institutions from all over the world. You might not be able to travel to Geneva right now, but Geneva can come to you.

Studying online doesn’t mean giving up the chance to experience a new culture, either. In fact, it allows you to make more international connections than a traditional campus experience. Online learning connects you to a global community of classmates and teaching staff, allowing for wider knowledge sharing and new perspectives. It enables you to engage with new cultures in a more personal way and build invaluable connections, particularly for Business or International Relations students.

Flexibility of Time and Space

As well as a more diverse range of subjects to choose from, many online courses are shorter or delivered asynchronously. This could be a more flexible option if you are already working or are looking to complete an important gap in your skillset. Being able to access materials and teaching at times that suit you is hugely motivating for many students. The blended learning options offered by UBIS offer students the best of both worlds, with the chance to attend online seminars in ‘real time’ too.

As well as being able to make your online study schedule work for you, being able to learn from the comfort of your own home is also a positive. Being surrounded by familiar things, those you live with or maybe even a furry friend can help you feel more relaxed. Equally, if working from your living room isn’t for you, you might choose to study from your favourite local coffee shop or neighbourhood library.

Not having to worry about a lengthy commute or being far away from friends and family can add to your overall sense of wellbeing. Choosing a distance-learning option allows you to focus on your studies as well as the people and places that you feel most connected to.

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Online Learning Can Be a More Affordable Option

One of the obstacles to higher education that many students encounter is the cost. As well as tuition, students can also face fees for enrolment, graduation, materials, relocation costs and student housing. Choosing to study online, either for part or all of your degree, can alleviate many of these financial barriers.

At many institutions, choosing an online course of study is less expensive than undertaking the same degree in-person. At UBIS, we are offering flexible pricing even as part of our blended learning option. You will pay less for modules that are completed online, even if other components of your studies are undertaken on campus.

Online learning can also cut out many of the associated costs of university life. Studying at home will save money on your daily commute by removing the cost of petrol, parking or public transport. You won’t be paying for student accommodation or food on campus. You might also save money on materials or printing costs, with e-books often costing much less than their physical versions. That saving can be reinvested in other things, like memberships of professional bodies, accessing online networking events, or even just putting some aside to help if and when you do transfer to on-campus study.

A More Personalised Learning Experience

Another positive aspect of choosing to study online is the increased likelihood of receiving a more personalised learning experience. Not only can you study in your own home and often in your own time, but the flexibility of online learning lends itself to all kinds of learning styles.

Are you someone who likes to study in short bursts or even on the go? Having course materials online and accessible wherever you are means that you can listen back to a lecture on the bus or on the treadmill at the gym. We will shortly be sharing more insights on how to develop particular study skills for online learning, so be sure to look out for this on our blog.

Do you like to talk things out? Online learning facilitates more one-to-one contact with teaching staff and classmates. At UBIS, our smaller class sizes ensure that everyone has space to speak and share their ideas. Interacting with content is how we truly learn best. This enables all our students to make the most of every online class.

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Online Learning Teaches Valuable Workplace Skills

With the rise of remote working, the skills you develop through online study are invaluable to employers.

Without the structure of a full weekly timetable, online learning necessitates a high degree of discipline and excellent time management. Self-motivated students demonstrate a strong ability to problem solve and prioritise their workload. Opting for online learning also shows a high degree of creative thinking and an openness to try something different.

Online study offers students the chance to network internationally like never before. Invest your time in the personal connections you make during your online seminars. Building your professional network doesn’t have to wait until you graduate. Learning online allows you to start making those global links now.

Thanks to the accessibility afforded by online learning, you can choose a course that is the perfect fit for you. Whether you choose a shorter course or a full-time programme of study, online learning is a great option no matter where you are.

If you want to find out more about our online learning options, click here to see what exciting opportunities UBIS can offer you.

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