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UNVEILING THE JOURNEY OF A UBIS DBA STUDENT: Isaac Antonio is Focused on Business Sustainability and Effective Economy Diversification

Introduction: Welcome to the official blog of Isaac Antonio, a dedicated DBA student at UBIS. In this blog, Isaac shares his journey, insights, and research on business sustainability and its role as a driver for effective economy diversification. Join him as he explores the impact of sustainable practices on reducing absenteeism, creating sustainable workplaces, and improving employee morale during diversification

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UNVEILING THE JOURNEY OF A UBIS DBA STUDENT: Lawrence Ajayi is Focused on Zero Carbon Investment Sustainability and Global Concern

Introduction: Welcome to this insightful blog where we delve into the fascinating research and journey of Lawrence Ajayi, a dedicated DBA student at UBIS. Lawrence has profound expertise in zero carbon investment sustainability and its potential impact on developing countries and North America. Join us as we uncover Lawrence’s valuable insights and his vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

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