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UBIS – IBM Student Information Page

The content and information provided on this page is intended to address the ongoing situation with UBIS and IBM. We understand that a significant amount of misinformation has resulted in some confusion and frustration. This is page is intended to provide Legal Notification, verified information regarding UBIS accreditation and the status of the institution’s licensure in the United States.

Due to ongoing and repetitive submissions UBIS has received from some factions involved in this situation, UBIS has elected to provide a portal where questions may be submitted. This is to help us ensure we answer and address those of you acting in a good faith and being respectful to the UBIS staff, and restricting those few who have elected to take a different approach.

Information on accessing the student portal

We understand that a small group of you have been experiencing issues accessing the student portal at https://myportal.ubisglobal.com/.

If you have been unable to access the portal, please follow the steps outlined below. After you’ve completed these steps, please attempt to log in to the portal.

  1. Clear your browser cache or open a new incognito or private browser tab. (This option may vary depending on which browser you are using).
  2. Go to https://myportal.ubisglobal.com/
  3. Log in using your credentials.

If you are still unable to access the portal, please contact our technical support team at studentportal@ubisglobal.com, and one of our team members will assist you.


If you do NOT show a balance please DO NOT contact UBIS and ask if you still owe a balance. If your payment of tuition and fees is not reflected in your account, please provide us with proof of payment. We recommend that you demand that IBM/IDEAS transfer the money as required or refund the money to you for payment to UBIS.