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Go Global!

4 Essential Skills for Succeeding in the International Business World

Go Global!!  Why??

The modern economy is an international story.  With this being said, the ever increasing rise in global cooperation has led to partnerships, supply chains, labor pools, and markets throughout every sector of the economy.  Once international business was only a concern of large corporations. Today virtually every business is affected by international markets.  As a result, multinational companies that hire international business professionals are looking to see if you have what it takes to get the job done.  In addition to meeting the educational and occupational requirements you need to have the right skills to ensure a successful performance.  We have listed a few essential skills to help you go global, personally and professionally.

Essential International Business Skills To Help You Go Global:

Communicating is Key to Go Global:

Communication is a crucial factor for people in the business world.  It allows for personal, professional, and organizational relationships.  Simply put, it allows the development of business, the understanding, and the establishment of relationships between the parties involved. In the international arena, you should consider what languages are most important to your career. What languages do your potential employers, partners, suppliers, and customers speak?  Becoming proficient in those languages can open doors that might otherwise remain closed to you! And secondly, consider the cultural differences that can occur in communication.

Having an Agile Mindset:

According to Forbes’s, in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) business environment, you must have the confidence to react and adapt quickly.  Leaders need to think out of the box to solve problems.  Quick responses are needed in a critical business situation.  With adaptive thinking, you can take thoughtful action rather than using impulse. It also means accepting when old solutions are no longer working.


Developing an International Network:

Networking in business is one of the best resources for career development and professional success. A good network can provide job leads, possibilities for advancement and opportunities for personal improvement. In the international aspect, members of your network will give you insights into doing business in the market. You want to understand the culture and how business is done. Strong cultural awareness can ensure the message you communicate and the actions you take are always propelling you closer to your goal.  Strong international networks are important to go global.

Adding Commercial and Situational Awareness to Go Global:

A well developed situational awareness is key.  It can provide business leaders with insight into what has happened, what is currently happening, and what might happen next. More importantly, to go global, this knowledge can give workers the information they need to do their jobs more effectively. You should have a keen eye to identify competitors, their strengths, and their weaknesses. This will aid in your business plans and can be the difference between business wins and failures.

UBIS is proud to give our students a glimpse into the current world of business and equip them with the necessary tools to ensure a bright and successful future in the global arena.  For more information on our global programs, click here!

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