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The Life-Long Benefits of Business Studies

At UBIS, we want our students to get the very most out of their time with us. Across our degree programs, we enable our students to develop as international leaders, preparing them for a global business environment. As an accredited and globally recognised institution, UBIS is well-equipped to help our students succeed. We support students with one-to-one teaching, small class sizes, and real-life work experience opportunities while they study with us. But what are the longer-term benefits of undertaking a business studies degree? Here are some positive outcomes of studying business that will benefit students in their professional and personal lives, long after they graduate.

Business studies develop key management skills – including how to manage yourself

We know from previous blog posts that the most in-demand skills of the future will be people-focused. This applies to both the business sector and the wider professional workplace. As a business student, learning to work with others will be a daily part of your studies. Business students will develop excellent communication skills and have the opportunity to work with their peers in class and through group projects. At UBIS, our practical work experience offering further enhances this learning, giving students the chance to work within a professional team and learn what it’s like to be managed.

These experiences will also give you the opportunity to manage yourself. Meeting deadlines, analysing research, and heading up a group project – are all great examples of self-management. These skills are not only useful within the corporate world; you can apply them to management roles across a wide range of sectors. Honing these skills while you are still studying can give you a head-start on other graduates. This ability to continually look for opportunities to learn and develop will stand you in good stead throughout your professional life – wherever you go on to work.

Develop experience in multiple areas – or become an expert in one

Business students will learn about a wide range of topics and areas of interest. As well as topics such as finance and strategy, students can deepen their understanding of human resources management, sales and marketing, public relations, and leadership within the business sector.

These skills will of course prepare you for work within the global business sector. Graduates might already have an idea about which company they want to work for. If that’s not for you though, there are many other workplaces that your business skillset can take you to. What about working with charities, non-profit organisations, or NGOs? The knowledge you gain through business studies could be used to positively impact a start-up or small enterprise. Your business degree plus a great idea might even lead you to start your own business. Your career doesn’t have to follow one set path. The skills you learn while studying will support your success across a range of disciplines.

For graduates who want to develop their knowledge of a particular area even further, they can choose to pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Unlike a Ph.D., undertaking a DBA means taking a practical look at the business world. Although it is still research-based, the DBA is ultimately about solving a problem, and the world of the future is not short on problems! At UBIS, we support our DBA students with expert knowledge and tutoring, so they can hone their professional skills and ultimately become experts themselves.

Business studies improve confidence

Businesses can set out exactly what they expect from graduates entering the workplace, but in the end, it’s the graduates themselves who must take those first steps in their career journey. What they need is the confidence to pursue the path they want to take. Building this confidence is perhaps the most deeply felt benefit of undertaking a business degree.

According to a 2017 survey, a huge 64.7% of MBA graduates said that they had experienced increased self-confidence as a result of their studies. The confidence that business graduates feel is thanks to two key factors. When they graduate from UBIS, they have gained a qualification from a certified institution with an international reputation. Having a network of contacts backs this experience up, as does the knowledge and understanding gained through workplace learning. These things give them a confident platform to stand on going into their careers.

This confidence is also something students will build up over the course of their degree programme. Throughout their studies they will lead on projects, test out their knowledge and ideas in a safe environment and get feedback from expert teaching staff; all while connected to the real world. It’s the ideal space to experiment and learn more about where you want your business studies to take you next.

Much more than a business degree

Gaining a business degree, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, is a fantastic achievement for our students. What is even more inspiring is the ways in which the knowledge and skills they gain over the course of their studies will continue to benefit them, long after their graduation day. For some, this might mean continuing to study for their Doctorate, focusing on one particular area, and becoming an expert in their field. Some students may kick-start a successful career within an international company. For others, their unique business management skillset may take them into the third sector or even on an entrepreneurial pathway. Whatever the destination, their learning journey starts with a business degree from a global university. Click here to find out more about our degree programmes and discover why UBIS could be the right choice for your next steps.

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