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Benefits of Work Experience for Students

At UBIS, we are committed to improving the quality, affordability, and accessibility of higher business education around the globe. As an IACBE accredited institution, we enrich our student’s learning experience in a way that will benefit them for a long time beyond their graduation. This commitment to excellence is in our DNA. A key factor that makes up our UBIS DNA is real-life work experience.

As a UBIS student, your learning journey doesn’t end with graduation. We want to ensure that our student’s academic experience is one that is complemented by professional opportunities. We want our students to go on to have fulfilling and successful careers. So why is real-life work experience important to achieving this? Here are a few ways in which our practical business opportunities benefit our students.

Real-life Work Experience Develops Real-Life Skills

Our business courses offer a bespoke learning experience. At UBIS, students develop in-depth knowledge and understanding through lectures, seminars, and one-to-one teaching. While this knowledge will take our graduates far, there are some skills that you can only learn through real-life experience.

Work experience enables students to take what they have learned off the page and put it into practice. Through practical opportunities, students can learn what it’s like to work as part of a team in a fast-paced business environment. They may experience what it’s like to be managed for the first time. They can improve their understanding of a company’s culture and working practices.

There are opportunities to develop technical skills too, which will help to highlight students’ strengths and areas for improvement. Even experiencing the rhythm of the working day can be highly beneficial. Managing a varied workload within a professional team will encourage good time management. It will provide students with an opportunity to show how reliable and responsible they are.

Work Experience Helps Build Your Network

Higher education can be an excellent environment to start networking. At UBIS, you’ll not only be taught by staff with a broad range of business and academic experience, but you’ll also be working alongside some of the brightest business talent of the future: your peers. These connections are a great place to start. Undertaking workplace-based placements will help to further enhance that network of professional contacts.

By learning and working in a real-world professional setting, UBIS work experience student meet a range of people in a wide variety of roles. Speaking to those who hold different job roles and gaining a better understanding of what they do within the organization will help students identify career pathways and potential opportunities for progression within the sector. This is true for both more senior employees and those who work in junior roles; work placements are an ideal opportunity to get to know as many people as possible.

Through professional placements, students may access events and external opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. This gives them the chance to build their professional network even further. It’s good to remember that networking is all about the long-term. Introducing yourself to a company manager may not result in a job opportunity right now, but if you make the right impression your networking could pay off in the future.

Working Puts Your Studies Into Real-World Context

With some academic programs, it can be difficult to see how your studies will translate to life in the workplace. At UBIS, we want to make sure our students gain clarity and confidence about where they want to go after graduation. Real-life experiences can help students achieve this.

Workplace experience exposes you to new aspects of the working world and also focuses your mind on what interests you most. This means that students can make a more informed choice about the modules they undertake, or whether postgraduate study is what they need to pursue next. This is the importance of work experience. While, real-world placements show students how they can implement aspects of their studies within a future job role or help identify gaps in their knowledge.

Moreover, some studies show that there is a link between students undertaking work placements and achieving higher degree results. This suggests that experiencing the world of business first-hand gives students a motivational boost, resulting in higher focus and attainment.

Supporting Our Students Now – And In The Future

At UBIS, we recognize the importance of practical, workplace-based experience for our students. Understanding and experiencing the business world is key to our student’s success and a central part of our degree programs. From developing key skills to growing a professional network and planning your career path, real-life experiences benefit our students in ways that will last beyond graduation. We are committed to developing our students throughout their studies and beyond. Through practical work experiences, we offer them the support needed to help them flourish as successful business professionals.

If you’d like to find out more about how UBIS can help you take your next steps into the business world, click here to see our Bachelors, Masters, and DBA courses.

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