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Corporate Partners

Doctorate, Master, Bachelor of Business Administration

Corporate Partners

UBIS enjoys privileged collaborations with prominent corporations and with prestigious international organization. This, and the fact that we are based in Geneva—the European HQ of a huge variety of public organizations, NGOs and significant number of international corporations—ensures that our students are best positioned for a preferred entry in the global job market. This is why we believe that UBIS is your red carpet to professional success: joining UBIS you will study in business class!

UBIS is proud to partner with various organizations which will enhance the experience that students and participants have with us. As one of our goals is to be close to the corporate world, in order to open for our participants and students, new opportunities, collaborations will be looked at with that objective in mind.

UBIS is part of the Association of Romands Companies in Geneva.

UBIS offers support for internships in the US through its partnership with ICD USA.

UBIS students have access to one of the best databases worldwide for business studies.

UBIS is a member of SAP University Alliances and incorporates SAP training in its programs.

Telenor Myanmar is part of the Telenor Group and has a special agreement with UBIS in order to train staff members based in Myanmar.

Providing Career Advice and internship, apprenticeship, and job opportunities in Europe.

Cengage is UBIS’ provider for course development.

UBIS collaborates with Flywire, which ensures high-value payments that are delivered fast and friction-free so organizations can deliver on their customers’ most important moments.