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Executive Master of Science in Information Technology (E MS-IT)

Doctorate, Master, Bachelor of Business Administration

Executive Master of Science in Information Technology (E MS-IT)

The Executive Master of Science in Information Technology program was developed to meet the demands of more seasoned executives who have extensive experience in business information technology including profit and loss statements, large human resource groups or major departments at the “C-suite level”, but who want to obtain the academic

This degree program provides a comprehensive perspective to the field of Information Technology. It is designed to develop the student’s skills to conceptualize, organize and undertake information technology projects of highly competitive value. These skills constitute the necessary foundations for solving practical problems involving information technology that arise in business, governmental, and non-profit organizations. The curriculum provides an array of technical and management knowledge required to properly implement and manage IT solutions in such areas as digital marketing, data science, cybersecurity, and modern applications development.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the E-MSIT Program?

Candidates should have either:

  1. Demonstrated seven years of professional experience in information technology with an undergraduate degree in information technology, computer science or related field.
  2. Or demonstrated 15 years professional experience in an information technology related career field.

Graduates of the Executive Master of Science in Information Technology are able to:

  • Develop the fundamental understanding of the technical foundation of information systems to support day-to-day business operations.
  • Develop skills to effectively deploy information technology assets in support of business processes, security, or business competitive advantage.
  • Apply technical critical thinking and analytic competencies to complex information systems problems.
  • Analyze, design, and develop information technology solutions under specific problem situations such as marketing, analytics, and internal controls to allow for implementation of strategic initiatives that incorporate current or emerging technologies.

Executive Master of Science in Information Technology Program Overview

  • Online course modality to accommodate busy schedules and preferred learning styles.
  • Frequent and flexible start dates – three 16-week semesters per year and offers students 9 entry dates per year.
  • 12 Total Courses – 36 US/72 ECTS semester credit hours.
  • Includes 5 Concentration Courses (15 US/30 ECTS credits) – MS-IT students must choose one or more of the following concentrations:
    • Digital Marketing
    • Data Science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Web/Mobile Design and Development
    • IT Management and Control
    • Project Management

If you’d like to know more about the standard MS-IT program, please click here.

Course Overview

Students must take 7 core courses and must select at least once concentration consisting of 5 courses for a total of 12 courses.

Core Courses
MCO 608 Managing a Contemporary Business Information System
MIT 610 Systems Analysis and Development
MIT 612 Business Data Communications and Computer Networks
MIT 614 Fundamentals of Business Intelligence
MGT 609 Operations, Supply Chain, and Project Management
MIT 616 Information Security, Privacy and Compliance
MIT 618 Information Technology Strategy

Concentration Area Courses

MKT 605 Digital Marketing
MIT 610 Electronic Commerce
MIT 622 Content Marketing
MIT 624 Social Media Marketing
MIT 626 Internet Analytics

MGT 607 Business Analytics, Data Analysis and Decision Making
MIT 630 Programming for Data Science
MIT 632 Predictive Analytics
MIT 634 Data Visualization
MIT 636 Advanced Data Systems

MIT 640 Guide to Networks
MIT 642 Network Security Fundamentals I
MIT 644 Network Security Fundamentals II
MIT 646 Cybersecurity Analyst I
MIT 648 Cybersecurity Analyst II

MIT 650 Front End Web Development
MIT 652 Back End Web Development
MIT 654 Developing Mobile App for Android
MIT 656 Cross Platform Mobile and Web Apps Development
MIT 658 Advanced Front End Web Development

MIT 660 Information Technology Control and Audit
MIT 662 Information Technology Investment
MGT 608 Management of Technology and Innovation
MGT 641 Ethics in Information Technology
MIT 664 The Secure IT Organization

PMT 631 PM Technology 3 Credits
PMT 632 Operations Management 3 Credits
PMT 633 Contemporary Project Management 3 Credits
PMT 634 Project Management Professional Bootcamp 3 Credits
CAP 601 Capstone 3 Credits


100% in English




12 to 24 months

Program Structure


Tuition Fees

  • $16,800


International Network

Close links with the corporate world

International Accreditation

Dual Degree Programs

International Locations

Outstanding Selection of Professors

Online – Blended

(Transfer between formats)

9 Terms per Year

Flexible Schedule

Global University

International faculty and student body

84% study abroad alumni felt their studies abroad helped them build valuable skills for the job market

Transfer your credits

UBIS welcomes students who wish to continue their studies by transferring to the university. UBIS has three 16-week semesters per year and offers students 9 entry dates per year-more flexibility in starting your studies.

Acceptance of transfer credit is always a decision of receiving institutions. UBIS does not guarantee transferability. Any student interested in transferring UBIS credit to another university should check directly with the receiving institution.

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