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Doctorate of Business Administration – Exploring UBIS DBA Students

Sam Obafemi

Dissertation Focus: The Impact of Membership and Brand Communities on Purchase Loyalty in Nigerian Businesses

Sam is a UBIS DBA student hailing from Nigeria, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to his studies. With a background in Computer Science and various certifications, Sam’s multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving sets him apart. He is dedicated to helping businesses thrive, particularly in the realm of membership and subscription models. Sam’s research focuses on the impact of membership and brand communities on customer loyalty in Nigerian businesses, aiming to optimize marketing strategies and strengthen brand-customer relationships. His work has the potential to revolutionize the business landscape in Nigeria, fostering growth, sustainability, and positive community engagement. As an aspiring DBA student, Sam offers valuable advice on recognizing the program as a valuable asset for personal and professional growth.

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Sara Al-Shehhi:

Dissertation Focus: Talent Management and Employee Retention

Expert Sara Al-Shehhi is a talented DBA candidate at UBIS specializing in talent management and employee retention. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations in attracting and retaining top talent, Sara aims to uncover effective strategies to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. Her research focuses on the implementation of innovative HR practices and organizational policies that foster a positive work environment, ultimately leading to higher employee retention rates and improved organizational performance.

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Wassim Israwi

Dissertation Focus: Catalyzing SMEs’ ESG Contributions

Wassim Israwi, a dedicated DBA student at UBIS, is committed to driving impactful research in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) contributions. Recognizing the significance of SMEs in the global economy, Wassim’s research aims to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by these organizations in integrating sustainable practices. He seeks to identify strategies that enable SMEs to align their operations with ESG principles, thereby enhancing their long-term viability and positive societal impact.

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Lawrence Ajayi

Dissertation Focus: Championing Zero-Carbon Investment and Sustainability

Lawrence Ajayi, another remarkable DBA student at UBIS, is dedicated to promoting zero-carbon investment and sustainability. With a passion for environmental conservation, Lawrence explores the role of investments in achieving sustainability goals. He believes that aligning financial strategies with sustainable practices is crucial for mitigating climate change and ensuring a greener future. Through his research, Lawrence aims to provide actionable insights to investors and businesses, enabling them to make informed decisions that benefit both the environment and their bottom line.

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Mashilo David Mogale

Dissertation Focus: Driving Business Innovation and Sustainability

Mashilo David Mogale is a DBA candidate at UBIS with a strong focus on business innovation and sustainability. His research and expertise lie in the intersection of these two areas, exploring ways in which organizations can integrate sustainable practices while fostering innovation. With a background in business management and entrepreneurship, Mashilo has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in adopting sustainable practices. Through his research, he aims to develop strategies that enable companies to embrace sustainability as a driver for long-term success.

Read More Here – Mashilo David Mogale


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