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Swiss National Day – Celebrating Unity and Heritage


Swiss National Day is a momentous occasion that takes place on August 1st, commemorating the historic oath of allegiance between three cantons – Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden – which laid the foundation for the Swiss Confederation. As we celebrate this day of unity and diversity, UBIS takes immense pride in being part of the Swiss community, with its prestigious campus nestled in the picturesque canton of Geneva.

Swiss National Day – Embracing Heritage and Unity:

On this auspicious day, Switzerland rejoices in its rich heritage, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. The oath of 1291 symbolizes the spirit of unity that binds the nation together, transcending cultural differences and fostering a sense of togetherness.

UBIS – A Proud Member of the Swiss Community:

UBIS, the University of Business and International Studies, stands tall as an integral part of Switzerland’s academic landscape. Our esteemed Geneva campus proudly contributes to the diverse and inclusive educational tapestry that Switzerland represents. Nestled in the captivating canton of Geneva, our institution cherishes the values of freedom, independence, and academic excellence – in sync with the principles that have shaped Switzerland’s identity for centuries.

Joining Hands in Celebration:

As Swiss National Day dawns, UBIS Geneva Campus joins the nationwide celebration, embracing the rich Swiss culture and cherishing the unique heritage of the canton of Geneva. Our diverse international student community unites in honoring the brave ancestors whose vision of unity forged the nation we are today.


As the Swiss flag unfurls on this memorable day, let us all come together in spirit and celebration. UBIS is honored to be a part of the Swiss community, cherishing the values that define us as a nation and as an educational institution. Happy Swiss National Day to all!

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