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Why UBIS Could Be The Right Fit For Your Academic Future

Choosing the university and the course that is right for you can seem like a daunting task. There are several aspects that students must take into consideration when making their choice. Location, cost, required grades or qualifications, size of the student population, even the choices of their peers can all influence students’ decisions.

In 2019, there were around 10.2 million applications made to universities in the United States. Although the events of 2020 will likely have an impact on how and why students choose to undertake a degree, higher education places are still in high demand. Not only do students want to find their university match, but higher education institutions also want to make sure they are attracting the right students for their courses. So what can universities themselves do to ensure that students regard their institution as the perfect fit for them?

We spoke to student Shuaibu Bello, who will be undertaking his studies at UBIS at the beginning of the new academic term. For Shuaibu, it was positive relationships, a forward-looking approach and location that made his decision an easy one.

Focusing on the future

‘I had had an interest in continuing my studies for quite some time,’ Shuaibu says. ‘I looked at various institutions but wasn’t getting what I wanted.’ For Shuaibu, the university that looked like it could provide him with ‘something different’ was proving elusive until he found UBIS.

‘UBIS has an in-depth approach to learning. There is a focus on business ethics and sustainability that is important to me,’ says Shuaibu. ‘The course structure is innovative and in touch with modern times.’

Having a focus on the future is important for us at UBIS. Whether that’s creating new opportunities for students with our partner campuses, or offering practical work placements, we want to ensure our graduates are prepared for their future. ‘The world is evolving,’ says Shuaibu, ‘and UBIS’ courses are evolving too.’ Offering relevant and innovative opportunities to our students is an important mission for UBIS, ensuring that graduates’ learning and development continues after they leave our courses.

Supporting students from application to acceptance and beyond

Whether students are looking at undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses, the application process can be a significant first hurdle for many. At UBIS, we want to make things as straightforward as possible. This commitment continues beyond the application process and throughout your studies.

‘For me, the application process was straightforward. There were no unnecessary hurdles,’ Shuaibu tells us. ‘The UBIS staff held my hand through the whole process. They guided me through it.’

What was the impact of the support he received during his application process? ‘I felt more connected with the university, even though I haven’t started the course yet. There were regular emails and calls to find out how you’re getting on. I had plenty of one-on-one connection with staff, it was just excellent.’

At UBIS, we offer a personal approach because we value our student community highly. We know how talented and ambitious our students are. We want to offer support and guidance that reflects that. Ensuring that students can build positive relationships with staff and their peers is one of the best ways that they can feel connected, no matter where in the world they are studying with us.

An international city location

Although currently in Nigeria, Shuaibu will be joining the UBIS community at our campus in Geneva, Switzerland. What was it about UBIS’ location that attracted him?

‘Geneva is such a diverse city,’ Shuaibu tells us. ‘There are so many world-class opportunities. You can build real networks at an international level there.’ Geneva’s reputation as an international city is not unfounded; an estimated 40% of its population are ex-pats. A quarter of Geneva’s student population is international, from over 150 countries. The opportunities to grow your social and professional network are truly global.

Fittingly for UBIS students, Geneva is also a city of business. It is home to over 200 international business organizations, offering graduates the prospect of engaging with a diverse range of companies and sectors. To top it off, Geneva is a beautiful setting to study in. Historically and culturally rich, surrounded by the Alps on the banks of Lake Geneva, the city really has something for everyone.

UBIS could be your perfect match

The higher education market is competitive, from both the student and university perspectives. Choosing the next steps to take on your academic journey is an important decision. If you’re looking for a well-supported, flexible and international university experience that centers your learning and professional development both now and for the future, UBIS could be just right for you. Whether you choose to study with us in person or through our flexible distance learning options, UBIS is committed to delivering a high-quality, future-focused university experience.

‘UBIS is a world-class institution, with a world-class approach to learning,’ Shuaibu tells us at the end of our conversation. ‘Definitely, UBIS is the place to be.’

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